Girl Chat ………….Baggage we have

Smurfette😘: Was up guys its been soo long but don’t worry we have got your gorgeous selves the best in store for you.There are a few changes but don’t worry its still Sisters getting together to let our hair down
Smurfette😘: Que hunnay was been up
Blessings: Hahaha, Hey Dree, been trying to keep up with the pressures of life.Hello everyone, I trust your days have been great and fruitful.
Blessings: And how have you been sugafoot
Smurfette😘: Been there lots have happened.And we are the Real sisters we will share these changes with you

Blessings: Hahah. Okay doll. We have so much to share and talk about. What do we have in store for the #SisterMusingDevotees
Smurfette😘: Girl chat hunnay its our daily ritual let loose you ready?
Blessings: Drumroll📢📢📢📢
Blessings: Ready to roll
Smurfette😘: Okay today we are talking about Baggage

Smurfette😘: You know which kind l am talking about and just check out the video see what our fellow sisters had to say.
Blessings: Let’s hear it hunnay
Smurfette😘: Baggage is the past you carry that may have had a role in molding you into who you are today,past hurt, problems, situations
Okay. Tell us about your baggage. How has it molded you
Blessings: Is it positive or negative
Smurfette😘: Well in my case l haven’t quite decided how it molded me.But for a long time l have struggled with accepting my complexion,height and weight.In my early years it was all okay because during primary you can not really differentiate but when you get to high school its so hard.There was this point when you like l wish l was like her or a bit shorter because the boy you like is shorter.

Overstuffed baggage in old suitcase isolated on white background
Smurfette😘: I think because l am naturally bubbly people would never understand if l were to tell them l feel insecure with how big l am.Its only when l went to university that l met 3, awesome young women who all look absolutely different from me one slim slender one, one curvy light one and one dangerously curvy girl too and l tell you with them l feel soon good because we don’t pressure ourselves.
Smurfette😘: I can say this has been the baggage l carry and l love that now l am embracing me with this platform as well.
Smurfette😘: Kkkkk don’t want to bore you all but Que that’s how my baggage been like
Blessings: Haha. It’s always the first thing people notice anyways and they comment.Well mine has been confidence. I also had a bad time from primary to high school so I have always been in a shell
Blessings: I have always been tall and slender and other girls always said you are so thin and I would always cry to my mum and some days refuse to go to school because I couldn’t cope up with it.
Blessings: After high school I decided to be a tom boy to cover it up and played with boys because I felt they understood me better than girls. Just to curb myself lol
Smurfette😘: Oww
Blessings: Somehow it has helped me to be an eagle. Eagles fly alone if not only in pairs.
Smurfette😘: Philosophy hum
Blessings: The con is that I am not a friendly person sometimes, it takes a lot for me to accept and open up to people even start a conversation with someone
Smurfette😘: Well we are who we are because of this baggage.I am glad l am discovering me each day
Blessings: I also got to read a lot of women magazines and the importance of self confidence, I learnt to love Number one first☺

Blessings: Anything that you look 5 years back and think it’s baggage now
Smurfette😘: Who me this is my story and we hope you guys are going to share with us tooo
Smurfette😘: We love your feedback don’t you Que
Blessings: We really love to hear everyone’s feedback
Blessings: I’m throwing a question at you ladies,

Can baggage be managed or handled?

Smurfette😘: Yes and from us here at SisterMusing its all love and see you in Who is in the house😘😘 when you meet Tendai Kamusikiri our guest!!!!

Who is in the House…..Tendai Toscie Kamusikiri….

Smurfette😘: Welcome back ladies and its time for Whose in the House
Smurfette😘: Que who do we have tonight on the show?

Smurfette😘: 😀😀😀😀😀
Blessings: Hello everyone
Toscie: Hello
Toscie: How are you Ladies

Blessings: We welcome you Toscie, it’s great to have you in the house finally. It had been a long time coming.

Toscie: Thank you for having me 🙌
Smurfette😘: Very long time
Blessings: This is Miss Quedsy aka the Sipping Sister
Blessings: 😄😄😄
Smurfette😘: Now before we get down and dirty you have to be initiated
Smurfette😘: Truth or Dare
Toscie: Initiation? Oh wow

Toscie: Truth..
Smurfette😘: Kkkk Que truth her
Blessings: We love initiating our guests.To leave a mark

Smurfette😘: What is your weirdest like?
Blessings: Hoop hooop

Toscie: Weirdiest like?
Smurfette😘: Yes. The most weirdest thing you like
Toscie: I don’t think i have any..
Smurfette😘: Really
Blessings: Oh dear
Smurfette😘: Que we switch kkkk

Toscie: No. I don’t think so
Blessings: I am not buying that for a sec
Smurfette😘: Dare
Toscie: Maybe its cause i cannot think of anything right now
Blessings: Ok
Blessings: What cranks up the creative juices in fashion blogging
Smurfette😘: Good one
Toscie: A good photo

Smurfette😘: That’s true
Blessings: What do you do with it

Toscie: I always think a good photo tells a thousand words
Blessings: Ok
Smurfette😘: Yes a picture can communicate a lot of things
Blessings: True

Smurfette😘: Okay Toscie tell our viewers who Tendai Kamusikiri is
Toscie: Tendai Kamusikiri is modern woman. I would like to think of myself as modern because i am cut across classic fashion with a modern. I am a nice person who openly enjoys fashion, writing, photography and chocolate.
Smurfette😘: Well said but chocolate haha

Toscie: I am a fashion blogger out of a good hobby but a social scientist by profession.
Blessings: What’s a social scientist

Smurfette😘: Social scientist huh now l see why you blog unique

Toscie: I am a social worker Sibu in gender development and sociology.

Toscie: And what about you ladies.

Smurfette😘: I am a marketer by profession but an entrepreneur, blogger and media mogul in making ohh and soon to be radio and TV personality
Toscie: Lovely
Blessings: Me am just there
Toscie: I aim to be a business woman and mentor some day. Primarily business in media and fashion
Blessings: I am an aspiring psychologist, shoe addict and fashion blogger in the making. Am also a commercial model

Smurfette😘: Model she is hey
Smurfette😘: Now how did you come up with Signature Toscie

Toscie: Well for Signature Toscie it was pretty tough. Originally the blog was called GlamDoll Domination for about a month!
I changed the name because it felt too obvious and somewhat raunchy. So i went back to the drawing board to create something that embodied me and my thoughts. So Signature Toscie was born. Signature because it means the same in both English and French. Whilst Toscie is actually my nickname at Home and even at school

Smurfette😘: Wow that’s cool hey
Toscie: Toscie derived from Tosca which is a line of Australian handbags and luggage that i was obsessed about in primary school 😊
Toscie: Its interesting
Blessings: That’s so awesome. I love your blog doll and it’s just amazing and different.
Smurfette😘: Unique is the word dear

Smurfette😘: Okay now we want to know how you came up with FBA zim

Toscie: FBA ZIM came out of my mere frustrations of the lack of the representation for our work as fashion bloggers. I noticed that digital bloggers particularly in Zimbabwe, have their own strong support system but us fashion bloggers go unrecognized. So the aim is to create a community development for fashion bloggers by fashion bloggers, so that we share and communicate our presence. The organisation is still a baby but with time we will get our presence known.
Smurfette😘: You should be a motivational coach hun this is tailored well


Blessings: What has FBA done so far. What is the line up for the rest of the year and do we have loads of fashion bloggers joining
Toscie: So far we have only had a meet n’ greet which was pretty small to say the least. Its hard to plan around any activities because no one is truly a full time fashion blogger as our economy doesn’t also fully support it. So plans for 2015 might be tricky. As of now we are still a small family with just 9 fashion bloggers and still looking for more.

Smurfette😘: Well you inspired me in so many ways but now we want to play a game with you called What would Toscie do? Toscie: Ok cool. Lets do it!
Toscie: Ncaww thank you Sammy 😍

Blessings: Let’s do it

Smurfette😘: If you find your best friends man with another woman two days before her wedding
Toscie: I would tell her to leave him. Because once a cheater, always a cheater! And that is truth!

Smurfette😘: And he says you seduced him?
Blessings: Or she says you just want to come between them?
Toscie: She will need to choose between him or me
Blessings: 😂😂😂😂
Toscie: As long as i am honest, my job is done

Smurfette😘: Scene two you spot your girl bragging that she has the real designer item when you can tell it is a knock off what would you do
Toscie: I would probably tell her in a nice way OR better yet show her that darling your bag is questionable
Smurfette😘: Kkkk questionable
Smurfette😘: Like that

Smurfette😘: Number 3 You owe some one money and they spot you in a fancy restaurant what do you do
Toscie: Iiii i will probably say i have bae taking me out or a business meeting 😁
Smurfette😘: Kkkkk

Smurfette😘: We love you Toscie but one more question
Smurfette😘: Are you single
Blessings: Hahaha
Toscie: Yes i am. I am finding myself again after a broken relationship

Smurfette😘: Wowwww. Thank you Toscie and SisterMusing had fun with you. Please do come again.Promise✌

Toscie: I had alot fun. You girls are AMAZING! next time it should be coffee
Toscie: Bloggers Promise ✌
Smurfette😘: Definitely
Blessings: I love coffee
Smurfette😘: We will have a proper set
Blessings: Thank you Toscie, we love you most
Smurfette😘: Sipping sister jumps in

Blessings: 💚💜💙❤💛


Toscie: Thank you Ladies! Y’all are precious

You can check out her website here ———–>


Till next time its SisterBye for now we love you and keep locked on to #SisterMusingBlogshow

Sophia ,magazines and modelling…….Guest time!

Smurfette: Hie guys and welcome to #SisterMusing episode 2 and we missed you guys so much but right now we are in for a treat with our guest for today please help me welcome Sophia Chitemere the founder of the dope online magazine Infinity magazine. Welcome Sophia

Tsungi‬: Hello Sophia, I’m Tsungi 😃 Welcome to the show

Smurfette: We apologise three sisters could not make it but we sure have all the sisters here in spirit 😘😘😘

Sophia‬: Whoop! Whoop! Hi Tsungi, lovely to meet you! How many are you if I may ask?

Smurfette: Tsungi you see the energy there 😉 We are four sisters Smurfette, Tsuey, Ruvi,Chipo and Blessings

Tsuey‬: I see it 🔥

Sophia ‬: Oh! Send my regards to Ruvi,Chipo and Blessings

Smurfette: Kkkkkk sooo Sophia it is our show tradition that our guest has to send us her best picture Yes everyone wants to see the face behind the magazine 🙈


Tsuey‬: Yes yes Sophia. We want to see. Lol

Smurfette: Lovely picture right there dear  #aMusing gallery picture dear

Sophia ‬: Lol. The full length one is a hater. But anyway i like this one because l obviously look gorg in white!

Smurfette: Captioned well hey

Smurfette: Now first of tell our #Musertians who is Sophia

Sophia‬: Sophia…is an ambitious and hard working Zimbabwean woman. I come from a family of 6 although my 2 sisters and parents passed on. Growing up I lacked confidence in myself and was sucha tom boy but with time I improved and thats how I got into the modeling industry and moved to SA to live my dreams. I’ve been here for 6 years and have worked in the multimedia, media and tech world which has been amazing and I’ve learnt so much about myself and people around me

Smurfette: Model you say oh Jeez we definitely need to see that full length picture.Tsuey we have 2 guests both models how lucky are we

Tsuey‬: That’s lovely, It’s always inspiring for me when people follow their dreams

Sophia‬: Yes it can be overwhelming!

Smurfette: Well i do have a lot of words to say but Tsuey she is all yours

Tsuey: Alright. I’m going to ask you more about your work.With regards to Infinity Mag.Take us through the journey from the idea to the first publication 😃

Sophia‬: Infinity Mag started with the help and motivation from my cousin Flora. She always thought i was open minded, vibrate, helpful, understanding and loving. So whatever topic we can chat about I’d always have something to say about that specific topic. Plus she basically knew the struggles and good times id been through and she suggested I wrote a book but i was a writer lol and I just thought why not have a magazine where i can work with people and share our views, storyand dreams to the world. Infinity mag is like a ‘go to’ African magazine for all Africans which inspires, motives, informative and promotes individuals, businesses, organizations, etc. My first publication was filled with people i admired and i knew they would have a story to share. Then as from the 1st publication i just fell in love with it more and more. The journey hasn’t been easy. It was filled with long and sleepless nights and such things like running a magazine needs patience and persistence. Its so easy to throw in the towel because its alot of hard work especially in an industry you didnt go to school for. Everything i know i taught myself. Especially with the fact that I juggle my magazine, work and other things as well. I dont regret the journey, I’ve met and worked with amazing people that i never thought id meet and my mindset as totally changed. Its humbling and overwhelming that i have people who support me and love what i do. What i appreciate the most is the people i feature willing to sit down and talk especially with the fact that these people work with hectic schedules

With K.O at his album launch!
With K.O at his album launch!

Tsuey‬: Wow. That’s so awesome 😃

Smurfette: Wow that is soo inspiring and that is so true magazine is stressful i get you there sister.But it is such an inspiring story

Tsuey‬: True. The second question is what has been your greatest setback in the industry and how did you overcome it?

Sophia‬: There have been quite a few setbacks. I can even write a list! Lol. The first one would be when I don’t meet a deadline! Infinity Mag is my publication and vision so it can be hard to get other people to understand the pressure you’re going through. So I try to respect other peoples time in order for them to respect mine. I haven’t really overcome it but its a working in progress. I’m sure a lot of people face this and then unfortunately it makes the brand seem like its incompetent or not consistent

Tsuey‬: Third and final question about work. What do you enjoy the most about Infinity Mag and how has it helped you to grow as a person?

Smurfette: Yes tell us

Sophia‬: Being able to do what I love everyday and discovering/meeting talented and intelligent people. It has helped me to have so much knowledge about things that happen around us be it good or bad, to have a loving and grateful heart and to appreciate the little things no matter how small it is.

Smurfette: Ohh people like us now Sophia we want to play a game with you

Tsuey‬: Game time 😃

Smurfette: Its Shade or No shade time yey ! 😎 You ready??


Sophia‬: Oh oh ready lol

Smurfette: This game is about us presenting a situation to you and you determine what you think it means. If you think its a lie or someone is tricking someone thats shade and if you think its not a sinister situation its a no shade. You get it

Sophia‬: Okay got it ladies *jumps up and down*

Smurfette: Tsuey you ready. Okay situation number 1

Sophia‬: 😃😜

Smurfette: You lent your girlfriend some money, when she tell you she is cash strapped.Now when you asking for your money she says its still tight for her but just last Friday she was rocking some shoes you have never seen her wearing! SHADE OR NO SHADE ladies?

Sophia :SHADE I dont take such situations lightly!

Smurfette: Kkkk why maybe her boyfriend got them as a gift lol

Tsuey‬: Shade!! Haha. She better give me that money back 🔫

Sophia‬: Haaaa zero! I’ll believe it if he’s always buying her stuff otherwise “PAMBERI NE MARI!”

Smurfette: Kkkkk no lies l say Shade 😎.So yeah the panel says 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

Smurfette: Ok next situation Bae tells you he is not going to be available from dates 11-18 February due to some work engagements but when its the 15 th he texts saying he back just in time after Valentines Shade or No shade?

Sophia‬: Shade. My ex did exactly that lol

Tsuey‬: Shade. Lol. Definitely

Smurfette: Shade true that

Smurfette: Last situation. The Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian twitter what what war do you think Amber is just defending herself or she gat a motive behind maybe jealous Shade or No shade

Sophia‬: Mmmm…no shade. Cos im team amber lol. Buuuuuut she was saying what she thought about the kylie and tyga relationship and everything went south!

Tsuey‬: No shade. Everything was just taken out of context, yes exactly

Smurfette: Well it is a bit tricky but i say No shade Khloe did get her butt whooped with that O.J Simpson tweet

Smurfette: Now Sophia are you dating anyone

Sophia‬: Yes i am dating someone,‪ ☺

Smurfette: Now that brings us to our last #hotlips question by yours truly me

Smurfette: Tell us the most romantic thing bae has ever done for you and all details please!

Sophia‬: Oh damn. And if he’s not romantic? Lmao

Smurfette: Lol Tsuey we need to riot for this information.

Sophia‬: Well i’m in a long distance relationship so I’d say our first date together in public. We spent the day together and cook a nice lunch for me. Then when i was about to head home he had a surprise outing planned. So we went out to one of those acoustic nights and it was all wine and dine and kisses lol

Smurfette: Woooooow nooo shade there your man knows his stuff right there😘💋💋💋

Tsuey‬: He is romantic 👏. That’s really nice

Smurfette: Well Sophia thank you for stopping by and inspiring us and the Musertians we will be waiting on Infinity all day everyday and we love you

Smurfette: We will send you the first copy of #SisterMusing coffee mug soon thank you so much !

Sophia‬: You’re most welcome ladies and you should really make this a proper show. Its so much fun!

Tsuey‬: Thank you so much!! We had an awesome time with you

Smurfette: Kkkkkk now to everybody check out Sophia’s twitter handle @iamSoph_Mich and check out her magazine online Smurfette: From us to you keep it less Shady!!!! 😎

Tsuey‬: Always 😎

Sophia‬: Infinity coming soon dont worry. Ya’ll will love it. Thank u so much and yes follow follow and don’t be strangers.


Love and light. Xxx

#SisterMusing ladies

Girl Chat…….”Main chick versus side chick who is winning?”


Adrianna : Wasup guys and welcome to episode 2 of SisterMusing and i hope you all enjoyed the premiere episode.Now we all love a bit of girl chat so apparently i can not hold my tongue no longer, lets do this I have a friend of mine who recently found out that she was a side chic and she did not mind at all because all her bills were paid and she was literally living pretty, so it got me thinking who is really winning here main chick or side chick ladies what can we say about this?


Quedsy : Side chick never gets the attention that she wants but nowadays women we don’t mind because of money, as long as I am given money and all bills are taken care of zvirikufaya. Women like me (Virgo women) we love attention and I can’t share. I’d rather be single than have everything and not have the man. Nada

Adrianna : 😂😂😂😂😂 Kkkkkk i like your angle there that modern women are now soo focused on the present benefits but really is that life. Chipo wants a definition of ”side chic”
Chipo : lol yah

Quedsy: Side chick is like a small house lol. Exactly Dree. Money, I can work and have my own money and spoil myself, lol

Adrianna : But doesn’t it get lonely

Quedsy : So you’d rather share a man and not get his full attention?

Mia-Ruvimbo : Well i would not say much about who wins or not judging from those chicks who don’t know whether they are the main ones or the side chicks

Quedsy : Oh by the way I did a research on the ratio of men and women… the ratio is one man is to 7 women. 😳😳😳😳crazy but true
Adrianna : I don’t think it’s judging, I would not want to be a side chick my entire life.

Mia : Frankly we all know whether we are side chicks or not, you know the worst thing about guys is you can never tell unless you get in relationship knowing that there is another girl.

Quedsy: It’s the current situation hey
Adrianna : Well i think we have all been side chicks on some level. Research says so (my reasearch giggles)

Mia :Not surprised your friend found that out recently after the what i would call the “main chick” treatment…the worst is even if your man’s friends know that you ain’t the main,they still treat you like you’re calling you names like wifey,maiguru or mainini(inlaws) and all sort of names you can think of so would second Adrianna there at some point every girl has been a sde chick or main…now the one who knows the truth about her man wins…as long as she is getting what she it attention like my sister girl Quey or financial support like Adrianna’s pal.


Adrianna: Haha very true Rue but lets take the angle of the guy being married and the then there is a side chick. I personally believe the side chick is just a distraction from the real problems hubby is facing at home

Quedsy : And if she is solving the problems rightfully n gets what she wants in return,she wins.

Adrianna: Welcome Tsuey .Jump in!

Tsuey: Hey everyone. I think none are winning because they are both being cheated on lol.

Quedsy: Umm, Adrianna.. it depends hey. If you ask questions even before you get into the relationship, guys talk. Babe  I have a wife or I have a girlfriend but I like you.

Adrianna : Side chicks always seem as if they are winning because they are not facing the real things like kids, being a real wife it entails a lot of things.Side chic barely has any of these so it looks like she be winning yet its not really that rosy
Quedsy: It’s for the younger girls who don’t ask questions and just fall and be blinded

Adrianna: Exactly Que young blind girls 😎😎
Mia : Get me right ladies im not supporting this side chick nor main chick gwan but all i’m saying is there is never a fair game in love…Quey you passed a ratio earlier on…so i would not want to use that word winning when it comes to this chick item
Quedsy: Men love fruit salad hey… because they are men. The issue with married men and side chicks is sex. Wives are boring in their homes hey, then men who have money flash money and you give sex and The side chick says “he loves me”

Adrianna: Shade 😎😎😎 Lies you tell 😷😲😲. I personally feel that guys will be guys but hey it don’t mean your man be side chicking on you but always be alert and there are still a few real gentleman out there who would never side order on you .I have faith and hope that the few are still out there 👼😊😊😊😊.They are a few out there who are honest.


Mia : Personally,,im not gonna shade…so im skipping that shade or no shade gwan….with men everything is hazy or vague if you dig what I mean.All your gotta do is hope you’re the mainchick…#singing the kid ink,cb and tyga song #hahhaha,and if you go about digging stuff about your man you will find what you want…”ukatsvaga gudo mugomo unoriwana” but all the same i’m not saying don’t.

Tsuey:I don’t think the issue is guys

Adrianna: Haha i see our fellow sisters be like 🙀🙈😼

Mia :Tsuey i won’t really second you there,,its guys mostly they start this stuff and guys trigger the cheating

Quedsy: if any lady finds out she is being 2-timed she would want to do the same to stop herself from hurting…i believe it’s called rebound…at the same time some ladies do it for fun…however its mostly triggered by guys.

Tsuey:Because some girls also have side dudes

Adrianna: Yes but its not as much as guys do with us

Tsuey: The guys can say the same about girls, That they trigger cheating. With their trust issues and stuff like that “If she thinks i am cheating i might as well cheat”

Quedsy: This is hot, I am loving this.(giggles)

Adrianna: But that kind of mentality for a guy explains a lot about him you know.We as ladies i think we are naturally vulnerable so we tend to be a bit paranoid because we are scared of heartbreak which brings about insecurity, but IF THAT MAN LOVES YOU HE HAS TO WORK HIS WAY AROUND THOSE INSECURITIES TO SOME EXTEND👋 tapout!

Mia: Talking from experience,,,a guy was asking me out and I told him i was occupied,,he even saw me thrice with my man and he kept hitting…and he said i can quote “if you don’t win her over because she is occupied,its alright being the side nigga…because I want you not him” imagine that…guys want fruit salad,,,,

Quedsy: Imma show you your place.Then if it were me I’d say welcome side nigga.
Mia : kkk see now its up to the lady 2 say yes or no depending on ur faithful levels…like my sister Quey…no offense meant i’m tripping with you love

Adrianna:kkkk Mia this is #Sistermusing, It all about being as real as ever)
Tsuey: Nah I don’t think men should take the fall for this. Situations differ and we can’t generalize based on one I know girls who have side niggas for their money. That’s all they want from them. They are just selfish like that

Mia: yea what’s important is you’re being real as an individual…and you just have to hope,pray (if need be) and trust your partner to do the same

Quesdy: We have been hurt more than men I suppose hence it’s one sided. Let’s bring in a guy and they tell us what they think about this
Mia : Tsuey is right,
Adrianna: Tsuey you raise a good point because a lot of issues now are gender biased because of the way women have been seen as the vulnerable one

Chipo: Better late than never my quick word is that,I think when one gets into a relationship she should do so with the notion that there could be someone out there…so she has to work for the points n just hope she ends up being the main chic.


Adrianna: Soo ladies what can we say is our pivot or centre of mass on this matter? You can never fully understand how men’s minds work as well as women, wholesomely the human mind ,but hey why waste your time being a side chick when some guy out there wants you as his main chick!

We tap out and say “Main chick is always going to win because you are his official problem” !

Whats your take ?? Comment or tweet to us what you think about this


#SisterMusing ladies

#aMusing Confessions on food and love…


Now we all know we all have those ideas or guilty pleasures we dream off as women in love or basically just dying for the romanticism or chivalry from bae! Now here are the #Sisters ideas of a romantic dinner with bae, that definitely entails food my best part but ,here we are secretly telling them what we want!


Quedsy : Favourite  food with Bae is maputi and maheu (giggles)I love potatoes, and grilled beef and loads of vegetable salad and my Wine.Am the sipping sister and I love tequila or cosmopolitan🍸
Or mashed butternut with peanut butter, chicken and loads of veg salad and white wine

Tsuey: I am all about adventure.I love food you guys. It has to be a three course meal. Mushroom soup or herbed mushroom as a starter. Some rice /pasta with bbq chicken and mixed veggies or something like that. Red velvet cake and ice cream for dessert. 👌


Mia -Rue: l’m a junky…i do chocolates,yoghurt juice n chips…i know I should eat healthy but i can’t nomatter how i try…and that’s breakup food for whites so my friend told me…so that means im always broken even when i’m good with my man 😂💦😂💦😂.i think these dinners are so fake more of movie-like,,,i hate those life isn’t a fairytale i like reality and adventure,kkkk but dinners at some point should be done lol.

Chipo: I am really a hopeless romantic.I would love to have a date at the Nesbitt castle in Byo and have a dinner under candle light with edible food, some red wine definitely and good music to set up a cool sweet ambiance lol blushes!

Well i will give mine at the end but here are some tips for the guys on how to plan a romantic dinner at home!

1.Planning the Menu

*Choose your drinks carefully

*Choose simple appetizers

*Choose your main course. Your main course should be something simple that doesn’t require a lot of prep time!

*Choose a simple dessert and Have a backup plan!

2.Setting the Mood

*Decide on the location,Plan to use your nice dishes, Choose your romantic decorations. Flowers, rose petals,Dress up and Avoid all distractions. Make a plan to avoid all distractions so that you and your date can be free to enjoy your delicious meal!!

And well my idea of a romantic dinner would be have my man cook and we have the dinner outside under the stars (cheesy) i know, anything spicy but edible and he must put all his efforts in the dessert, P.S l LOVE CAKE LIKE MAD and the playlist must have Ellie Goulding “Love me like you do” definitely!

That was all in this week’s #aMusing confessions on food,we want to hear your ideas as well so please get in touch !


Adrianna “Smurfette”

#MCM SisterMusings …….

Now it is our show tradition to dedicate our Mondays to the Masters of seduction, the guys we are currently crushing on on this beautiful Monday.So here are SisterMusings #MCM for this Monday!!!!!

Tsungai (Tsuey) 

My #MCM is Michael Ealy


Blessings (Quedsy)

My #MCM is Tyrese!


Rue (Miaflipps)

My #MCM is August Alsina


Adrianna (Smurfette)

My #MCM is Anga Makhubalo


We would love to post your #mcm too so hit us on our facebook page SisterMusing Blog Show or Twitter @Sister_Musing or email us

Enjoy your Monday!

#aMusing Sounds with Tsungi!


Hey everyone .Welcome to our first music segment on #SISTERMUSING .As you all know Valentine’s day is just around  the corner sou our segment today is all about lovey dovey songs. Dree, Mia ,Que and myself have compiled a playlist with our favourite love songs .

Check out the youtube link below with the tracks all together 3 each of everyone

tracks 1-3 are by Myself Tsuey ❣

tracks 4-6 are by Blessings Que❤

tracks 7-9 are by Mia Rue♥

tracks 10-12 are by Smurfette Dree♡

Please comment below with your favorite love songs and we will add them to the playlist .Lets spread the love guys, lets spread the LOVE!




Girl chat……. Does Prince Charming exist at all ?

Welcome to yet another exciting part of our show where we let out our steam on stuff we always itching to talk about and discuss as girls. So no shade here all the real stuff as we Girl Chat on Prince Charming. tumblr_n2dp1m3u5f1rf4nooo1_1280 Adrianna: So ladies i was watching uum Baggage claim the movie and i was giggling all the way till the end when she found her Mr Right but it had not been the Prince Charming she expected. 620x349_baggage_claim_r620x412

Adrianna: So it got me thinking have we been instiled with the mechanism of expecting Prince Charming yet he does not exist or the question really here is ‘Does Prince charming exist’

Adrianna: Tsungi what do you think?

Quedsy!: Can I do a voice note on that one?

(Que’s voice video on Prince charming link view on Youtube)

Tsuey!: Nope, Prince Charming does not exist

Adrianna: Yess sure Que

Tsuey!: Relationships are hard work, you don’t just find someone who is perfect for you and things work out. It’s not that simple

Adrianna: Why Tsungi

Adrianna: Okay okay but how come that mindset is deep setted and everyone sings about it

Quedsy!: After high school and starting my secretarial diploma, I was so excited in meeting this new guy and we only dated for two months and he became abusive. He was still my prince charming because he always did everything for me from my hair to paying school fees for me

Adrianna: Well i think it depends though

Adrianna: Owwww really but abusive yoh😳😳😳😳😳😳

Tsuey!: 😳😳😳😳

Adrianna: I feel l did have my prince charming at one point in my life :

Tsuey!: That’s the problem. The Prince Charming mentality makes heartbreak 10 times worse. Disappointment is the worst 😦

Quedsy!: Yes, so I was traumatized and when I got out of that relationship I had trust issues

Quedsy!: So now I am rediscovering myself

Quedsy!: And preparing Dora my Boaz😂😮😂😂😮

Adrianna: Amen Tsungi

Adrianna: So where did we go wrong

Adrianna: I wonder what am i going to tell my kids when she asks about that

Adrianna: Kkkkkkkkk

Quedsy!: For**

Tsuey!: You just tell them the truth

Tsuey!: That all relationships are hard work

Adrianna: With tv and music it will be hard work though,you know how Disney brainwashed us on that issue cinderella-and-prince-charming-4-1024x768

Tsuey!: Yes I know

Tsuey!: It was easy for us to be brainwashed because we didn’t have anyone to tell us otherwise :

Adrianna: KKKKKk so ultimately it comes down to being able to accept and love your Prince Charming though he may not have the Disney requirements

Adrianna: Que what do you say

Adrianna: I agree with your response

(Princess Mia was a bit tied up but she pretty well promised to be full fledged on girl chat episode 2 we missed her too !!)

So ultimately the prince charming issue is rather complex and is a matter of choice and how you take it. As we all know we have all dreamt of that moment when you will get that man who basically takes everything from the palm of your hand .We would love to hear your views on this so send in your view below just comment and we can have you as our guest girl chat on the next episode so ladies keep it real always!!!!

Premiere Episode 1 : Guest blogview Tawanda Marere in the house

Adrianna: Wasup guys and welcome again to ‘#SisterMusing blogshow and guess who is our first guest ever the hot, handsome model Tawanda Marere ladies help me welcome our guest

Tsuey!: Hey Tawanda. Welcome😃
Tawanda Model: Thank you Adriana, hello ladies
Quedsy!: Hello Tawa, Welcome😊
Rue-Angel: hey Tawanda😃
Adrianna: Welcome to our fresh show and we hope we are going to learn a lot about you ,now it is our show tradition to ask our guest to send us your best picture ever since we all know you are a model, we need to see them goods
Adrianna: And caption it
Tawanda Model: ok sure
Tawanda Model: This my best picture

Adrianna: Yoh yoh he wants to kill us with those eyes i am loving that picture
Rue-Angel: omg

Quedsy!: Killing me softly here… arghhh

Adrianna: Que we still live on air dear!
Tawanda Model: please don’t die yet ladies.
Adrianna: I can only imagine Tsuey is just quiet over there , Tsuey it is your turn dear
Rue-Angel: #lovesmitten😄 lol…nice picture @Tawanda
Tsuey!: Alright. I just have 3 questions for you 😃
Tawanda Model: sure Tsue shoot
Tsuey!: The first one is what do you enjoy the most about your career?
Tawanda Model: First I should say getting paid just for posing lol and lately I have been enjoying just driving in town and seeing my self on a billboard its just a crazy sweet moment
Adrianna: Wow you already on billboards wow tell us where 😳😜
Tsuey!: Oooh billboards. That’s really cool
Rue-Angel: mmm you living it the fancy way…dope
Tawanda Model: ok im on Econet billboards…corner Samora and Enterprise then Seke road by Coca cola then on UZ taxi rank
Tsuey!: Really dope 👌
Adrianna: The next time i am in those areas i will be on the look out
Tsuey!: Next question
Tsuey!: How did you know/decide that modelling was for you?
Tawanda Model: I actually grew up wishing I was in a magazine or on billboards but I honestly didn’t have a clue on how I could do that coz where I grew up I was wasn’t exposed to the modelling industry so for me it was just a wish until 1 day in 2013 when I met Judith Williams of Model Management when I was doing my certificate in Community Development by UZ…so she actually just saw me walking to my lesson then she stopped me and asked me if I was a model and I said no then she asked me if I wanted to be and I said yes then she gave me her card, I called her she told me to come for grooming lessons and I did and bang I became a model 😀
Adrianna: Wow thats really nice
Quedsy!: Hmmm, she did that to me too haha.. wows wows, it’s getting hot in here or it’s Tawa🔥🔥

Tsuey!: That’s really nice
Tsuey!: Things have a way of always working out 😃
Rue-Angel: wooow what a dream come true
Tawanda Model: yeh true hey
Tawanda Model: I always thank God for that
Rue-Angel: wish that could happen to me too😃
Rue-Angel: im inspired though
Adrianna: Owwwew
Tsuey!: Alright my last question is : Which projects are you currently working on and what should we expect from you in the future?
Tawanda Model: well I’ll be doing my 2015 portfolio shoot this February which I will involve different designers and different photographers…im also into acting and so far there are two short films I have been called for…I should expect to see me go international this year 😀
Tawanda Model: I should say*
Adrianna: Hmmmmm don’t you want co-models lol i am available 25/8

Tawanda Model: lol sure u can come through hey
Quedsy!: What the world🌍🌎
Quedsy!: So proud of you… #blessings👏👏
Adrianna: I see ”Tawanda and #SisterMusing hosts potrait” 👀
Tawanda Model: thank you Blessing
Tawanda Model: Hmmm I love the sound of that Adrianna
Adrianna: Really we would be honoured actually
Rue-Angel: woow,you are going big…all the best
Quedsy!: Awesomely, loving the sound of that too Dree
Tawanda Model: thanx mia
Adrianna: I know Que has been biting her tongue with her topic she can’t wait much longer Que hit him👊
Tawanda Model: Just tell me when you want me l’m all yours
Adrianna: (giggles) we will dear
Quedsy!: Dzaaiimmmmmnnn don’t say that Tawanda

Tawanda Model: ( laughs) why not
Quedsy!: Coz we can’t waittttt

Adrianna: All yours literally or
Tawanda Model: any way you want Adrianna

Rue-Angel: Smurfette u getting ideas lol
Adrianna : (giggles)

Quedsy!: Anyways,

Me and my girls were having a girl chat in the afternoon on ‘does prince charming exist’ or there are ‘retards in aluminium foil’,

May you please tell us the guy view on that?

Tawanda Model: hmmm interesting
Tawanda Model: I say they exist
Adrianna: Really where
Tawanda Model: you make your own prince charming
Quedsy!: How does a prince charming present himself? Where are these dudes? How do they treat their ladies?
Tawanda Model: I believe its how you treat your guy that makes up the kind of guy he will be
Adrianna: Interesting very interesting
Tsuey!: Taking notes

Tawanda Model: For me if my lady treats me with love and respects I will double the way she treats me and the reverse is true lol
Adrianna: Short , simple and precise i like
Tawanda Model: 1 tip ladies
Quedsy!: Oh okay so it’s babe, make me your king and I will treat you like my super Queen👑

Hahaha, thanks Tawanda, we are all surely taking down notes

Rue-Angel: Mmmm so all the guys say that and we believe them…but one could also state that even if you treat a guy like a prince…they always cheat…
Tawanda Model: Know what you want and go for what you want, don’t compromise on what you want
Adrianna: That is very true you are echoing my best friend’s words

Quedsy!: I think am going for my #MCM
Adrianna: I knew Que was already smitten
Quedsy!: Hahaha, I don’t like this girl She reads minds
Tawanda Model: mia I get you but if you are treating your guy like a prince and he is still cheating it means there is something you are not doing right

Adrianna: Okay okay Tawanda is really proving #Musing resistant but we are not yet done with you
Adrianna: Mia has her piece tooo
Rue-Angel: mmmm or maybe he is not the “one”
Quedsy!: Hahaha, I think he just doesn’t deserve a girl like me if he continues cheating
Tawanda Model: lol ok shoot
Rue-Angel: exactly because treating someone like a king encompasses everything

Rue-Angel: ok i’m up for your social life…can you tell us the current state of your love life

Adrianna: I am a thousand ears up
Tawanda Model: ouh that…I broke up with my girlfriend in November the one I was actually planning on marrying this year so im back to zero right now

Adrianna: Owww really that is sad
Quedsy!: l am available

Adrianna: And strategically that opens up thw market ladies
Rue-Angel: awwww my hope of working things out…
Tawanda Model: Yah hey but life has to go on right

Tawanda Model: ummm honestly nop
Tsuey!: What happened with her if you don’t mind us asking?

Adrianna: Detective Tsungi on duty
Rue-Angel: true it has

Tawanda Model: 1 thing I hate the most is lies and the lies were getting too much with her so I couldn’t take it any more
Adrianna: Honesty is key very true!
Tsuey!: Yeah true. Honesty is very important in a relationship

Adrianna: So P.S if you want Tawanda be sure to have Honesty as your mid name , l do
Quedsy!: Pwaaakaaaa….
Rue-Angel: true that hey

Quedsy!: Communication, honesty builds trust I guess.. am sorry you had to go thru all that
Quedsy!: I hope you clear that and move on, and move up
Tawanda Model: yah true
Adrianna: Ok so Tawanda they call me Adrianna or Smurfette but i happen to be a #hotlips sister
Rue-Angel: my next shot now is…does being a model help you get a lot of girls …?

Adrianna: Hehehe let me wait for my last turn
Tawanda Model: ummmm it does sometimes hey lol
Rue-Angel: void question…got one of my sister’s drooling over you already @smurfette
Adrianna: Kkkkkkkkk really
Adrianna: Mia
Rue-Angel: like how often do you get girls chasing you
Rue-Angel: kkkkk yes smurfette
Adrianna: Kkkkk thats a good one
Quedsy!: Watch out Tawanda. You will be all over her room. I sense it
Adrianna: You all want to hide behind my open expression of love towards Tawanda i am better than all of you right T
Tawanda Model: hmmmm adrianna please don’t make me answer that lol

Adrianna: Well take Mia’s qsn instead

Adrianna: And by the way i meant better in the sense that i express my love openly
Tawanda Model: Ok that 1 ummm not a lot of times though just here and there I get unknown people apping (laughs)

Tawanda Model: ouuuh in that case yes waaaay better lol
Rue-Angel: mmmm i see…well im going to app you soon too hope you will reply lol
Tawanda Model: lol yes I do reply politely

Adrianna: Last and final question
Adrianna: Kkkkkk thats perks of being a celebrity lol now my #hotlips 🔥 question is ”Which among the 4 beautiful #SisterMusing hosts would you prefer as your baby mama”
Adrianna: Kkkkkk competition time ladies
Tsuey!: Dree😩
Tsuey!: Your question
Tawanda Model: my baby mama hmmmm

Tawanda Model: Tsuuuuuuuuuu
Adrianna: Sending and we would love to thank you Tawanda for gracing our blog we, hope you enjoyed us and we most definitely enjoyed you.
Tawanda Model: sure ladies you were awesome I really enjoyed wow

Adrianna: From the team and the ladies we say Te quiero muy mucho !Gracias muchos

Quedsy!: Tsuey Tsuey

Rue-Angel: awwww cute

Quedsy!: Thank you Tawanda for accepting the invitation and being our first guest.

Tawanda Model: It was my pleasure
Rue-Angel: thank you joining us

Tsuey!: Thank you Tawanda for joining us 🙂

Tsuey!: It’s been a pleasure